Fujifilm Neopan Acros II 100: A Classic Reimagined with Enhanced Tonal Magic

Michael Elliott - Fine Art Film Photographer-Flâneur and Londoner at Large


In the realm of analog photography, few films have garnered the cult-like following that Fujifilm’s Neopan Acros film did. Known for its fine grain, exquisite tonality, and remarkable push processing capabilities, Acros had become a favourite among black and white film enthusiasts. However, with the inevitable discontinuation of the original Acros film, photographers mourned the loss of this iconic emulsion. But as if answering the prayers of dedicated film shooters, Fujifilm unveiled the Neopan Acros II 100 - a reincarnation that promised to retain the magic of its predecessor while introducing enhanced features to elevate the art of black and white photography to new heights.

Fujifilm truly showed how they’ve got guts and amazed me. How often does a company discontinue a film, listen to their fans, and then bring it back? Fujifilm basically did that, and they deserve lots of praise for it. Fujifilm Acros 100 II is the company’s new emulsion. It’s a beautiful one with inky blacks, sharp details, and a gorgeous look to it.

  • Chris Gampat, How to fall in love with film again: Fujifilm Acros 100 II Review | The Phoblographer

The Art of Tonality and Rendering of Colours

At the heart of every great black and white film lies its ability to capture the nuances of tones and shades, creating images that evoke emotion and captivate viewers. The original Acros film was celebrated for precisely this attribute, and Acros II takes it to a whole new level. With its incredible tonality, this film captures an astounding range of tones, from the deepest blacks to the purest whites, offering images with a sense of ethereal beauty.

The secret to Acros II’s captivating tonality lies in its improved emulsion. Fujifilm has fine-tuned the emulsion to achieve higher sensitivity to light, resulting in more exquisite detail in both highlights and shadows. The delicate balance between contrast and smoothness achieved by this film sets it apart from others in its league.

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